PSD Okt.14

Time after the transplant

Even after being discharged from ward 32-9, your psychosocial counselor will be there to answer any questions you may have about reintegration into your everyday life. Often, there are problems during the transition period (such as your child eating or drinking very little, not taking his/her medication, etc.); but in addition to those medical and care-related problems, the treatment that your child has undergone needs to be integrated and processed mentally. The family is faced with the task of reinventing itself and of dealing with other issues which were secondary during the transplant. Social life must be increasingly paid attention; siblings need more attention now; it is also very important to know and understand that moms and dads actually exhibit different ways of dealing with this past experience.

The long stays at the outpatient clinic will cause problems when trying to organize a family’s daily routine; memories of certain situations that occurred during the treatment may arise, or the fear of a possible relapse may reveal itself in the form of symptoms such as sleeping disorders or irritability.

Experience shows that similar difficulties occur in many families. After a few weeks, initial insecurities are substituted by a new routine of dealing with the respective requirements of aftercare. If those problems, however, become too stressful in some cases, we first of all recommend contacting our psychologists, in order to determine whether counseling or psychotherapeutic support is necessary. Please make an appointment during the respective office hours or inform our teacher in the outpatient clinic about those problems. Of course you can also contact your local psychotherapist or your general practitioner.

Further important tasks performed by our PsychoSozialerDienst include the organization of suitable rehabilitation measures that include the entire family.

The teachers of the Heinrich-Hoffmann-Schule support and provide advice and counseling to students as well as their respective schools in regards to the reintegration process.