PSD Okt.14

Support by the PsychoSozialerDienst during the time of transplant

During the first couple of days on our ward, you will get to know our entire team and everything we have to offer. It consists of:

a) Pedagogically-oriented occupation
b) Classes
c) Sports and movement
complemented by
d) Psychological assistance.

    a) Pedagogically-oriented occupation

    Together with you, the teacher will hook up your laptop or your playstation, etc., if you brought something like that along. You will discuss what you want to do during the time ahead of you.
    We have a great number of games, crafting material, DVDs, video games and Wiis.

      b) Classes

      Students from all types of schools and grades will be taught the main subjects.
      It is possible to establish contact between your school/the Schule für Kranke at the main hospital and us.
      After you are discharged from the hospital, your school/the main hospital school will receive a final report about all the subjects you covered, and if possible, an evaluation of your progress.
      If no petition for homeschooling has been made for the time following your hospital stay, we would be more than happy to help you with the same.

        c) Sports and movement

        In November 2008, we created a research group that focuses on the subject “sports and movement before and after a transplant”. Thanks to its success during this pilot project, sports therapy has now become part of the psychosocial therapy concept. The scientific follow-up project BISON (Bewegungstherapie in der Pädiatrischen Stammzelltransplantation – movement therapy in pediatric stem cell transplant) accompanies some of our patients aged around 7 and up during their stay at our ward, as well as during their outpatient follow-ups. We offer an alternating, creative and always exciting sports training.

          d) Psychological assistance

          In case of problems, worries, psychological conflicts or critical situations that may occur during the course of the treatment and/or handling of the disease, we, as trained and experienced professionals, are there to assist you.

          We look after your well-being and will keep in contact with your family. We also participate in the talks with the chief physician in order to listen and respond to your child’s current state of health.

          Please don’t be shy in this stressful situation; if there is something on your mind or if you need someone to talk to, let us know!