PSD Okt.14

Transplant preparation

Your questions, fears, uncertainties

Preparation for a stem cell transplant is often accompanied by feelings such as insecurities, fear, helplessness and stress. An open conversation, during which thoughts are discussed and solutions are searched for, can often be helpful. Our colleagues from the PsychoSozialerDienst are there for you, even before the actual transplant takes place. You are free to contact us in order to make an appointment. We can also help you find solutions on an organizational and financial level.

    Take along

    You can help decorate your room and shape your daily routine by thinking of what you may need and what may help you through your time of isolation.

    New, shrink-wrapped games (easy to disinfect)
    Personal items for decorating the room
    Your own laptop, if you have one
    New books and magazines, shrink-wrapped
    Your favorite washable stuffed animal
    DVDs (can also be borrowed)
    Plastic toys
    Drawing and writing material
    Music instruments

    Students should bring along the following items:
    Books, workbooks about the main subjects (German, mathematics, foreign languages, writing/reading class)
    Writing paper (lined paper, graph paper): They have to be shrink-wrapped to be passed through the gowning area.
    Writing utensils: Pencils, colored pencils, pens, etc. (washable)
    Other utensils: Eraser, ruler, compass, if necessary, set squares, etc.
    Binders and folders: A plastic binder for every subject (with dividers)
    Books and the other materials can be stored in one of the cabinets in the pre-gowning area. The teachers can copy the pages needed, so that it is still possible to use your own books and material.